When getting it right matters

Our user experience (UX) research, strategy, and consulting services are designed to give you the insights you need to make sound, data-driven product or process design decisions. We can help you increase safety, improve customer satisfaction, satisfy regulatory requirements, reduce failures, lower costs, mitigate liability, and more.

When you have a difficult design challenge, when the stakes are high, when accuracy matters, when you need hard, reliable data instead of conjecture, Exponent UX can help.

A scientific approach to UX

We approach every project with the greatest possible scientific rigor—the highest-quality, most scientifically sound, and unbiased methodologies that will withstand the most challenging scrutiny.

Our Ph.D.-level scientists and researchers have unsurpassed UX expertise, with degrees in human factors, cognitive and perceptual psychology, ergonomics, data science, and other related areas.

Our industry-leading Centers for Scientific User Research (CSUR) arm us with an unparalleled arsenal of advanced UX research technologies and methods that enable us to transcend the limitations of most qualitative and even quantitative research. And we have the industry and litigation experience to know when that matters most.

We specialize in the difficult challenges

Our wide array of experts, multidisciplinary approach, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art research capabilities make us the ideal candidate for the most complex or challenging UX/UI projects.

We’re here to help when you:

  • Have research questions that can’t be answered with traditional UX research
  • Are looking for fresh ideas or insights to help evolve legacy products
  • Are designing for a new and unfamiliar market, product segment, or regulatory environment
  • Are designing novel or innovative products where few conventions yet exist
  • Want an independent perspective, free from any internal bias
  • Can’t afford to be wrong


Exponent UX services

We offer a range of services designed to open a window into the minds of your users and help you design safe, effective, efficient, satisfying, and successful user experiences, including:

  • Formative testing
  • Validation, proof-of-concept, and product viability support
  • Requirements engineering
  • Process, design, ergonomics, and performance evaluations
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Warnings and instructions comprehension and compliance testing
  • Perceptual psychological research
  • Ergonomics analyses
  • Contextual inquiries and field studies
  • Surveys, user interviews, and focus groups
  • Design and packaging evaluation
  • Hardware, software, and user interface consulting
  • Product warranty, recall, and litigation support

Deep industry focus

While we can tackle virtually any user experience challenge, we have particular expertise and experience in four key areas:

What can Exponent UX help you do?

Build better products

  • Create better, more enjoyable user experiences, from initial impression to end-of-product life
  • Create competitive advantages through proprietary insights into customer needs or behaviors

Reduce cost and risk

  • Identify potential issues early in the design process
  • Avoid over-designing or over-engineering a product or process
  • Prevent costly product failures or recalls
  • Speed regulatory review cycles
  • Support or prevent product or process liability litigation

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To learn more about how Exponent UX can help better inform your product or process design decisions and drive exponential advantage to your company, send us a message here.