Exponent Centers for
Scientific User Research

We’re known for our ability to test human performance in real-world settings and naturalistic environments. But sometimes nothing beats a lab.

Our industry-leading Centers for Scientific User Research (CSUR) arm our Ph.D.-level scientists with an unparalleled array of advanced UX research methods and capabilities.

Whether you’re designing consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive products, or virtually any other kind of product, process, or system, we can accommodate your research needs. Our CSUR facilities feature a broad range of configurable spaces, from traditional A/B testing and focus group rooms to specialized research labs, enabling us to collect and analyze data across a wide range of test subjects and testing methodologies. Their locations provide ample opportunities to recruit representative participants.

“We can open a window into the minds of users that others only dream of.” — Robert Rauschenberger, Ph.D.
Human Factors, Principal Scientist

Exponent CSUR labs incorporate the latest in user experience data collection and analysis

Motion, optometric, and biometric data capture

Our facilities include motion-capture and eye-tracking capabilities with millisecond and sub-millimeter accuracy, as well as bioelectric and psychophysiological sensing and biosignal processing, including electrocardiogram (EKG), electrodermal activity (EDA), and facial electromyography (fEMG).

Interdisciplinary specialty labs

We offer accredited and compliant lab suites across a range of disciplines, including biomedical lab suites with cadaver capability.

  • ISO 17025 accredited (A2LA Certificates 2651.01 through 2561.04)
  • ISO 9001 accredited (Quality Management System Certificate FS 65829)
  • Fully compliant with U.S. FDA Good Laboratory Practices (CFR 21 part 58)

Automotive testing

Our two-mile vehicle test track is purpose-built for the automotive industry and enables us to construct elaborate test scenarios to assess driver performance in stringent, real-world conditions instead of simulated environments. We can capture multiple, concurrent data streams in real time, such as driver physiological responses, forces on pedals and steering wheels, vehicle dynamics, in-vehicle and pursuit drone video, and more.

Large research facilities

To accommodate studies involving larger equipment or vehicles, we offer a 45 x 30-foot research space with a 24-foot-wide x 12-foot-high roll-up door.

Focus groups and A/B testing

Our configurable focus group labs support discreet monitoring of group research, group activities, and large movement tasks. Our A/B testing labs give you the opportunity to observe concurrently tested study participants from a single observation room.

Observation and collaboration spaces

Our client rooms provide private, comfortable spaces, where you and your Exponent UX team can receive real-time data feeds and brainstorm results confidentially, near the labs in which your research is taking place.

Flexible observation capabilities

All CSUR facilities feature real-time, secure, and highly flexible options for viewing study participant interactions. Our Command and Track Observation System offers a broad range of camera and data feeds from anywhere in our lab facilities, including our outdoor grounds and vehicle test track. This multimedia research system allows you to work on-site or securely stream study views to an off-site location.

Powerful data capture capabilities

Our facilities include dynamically reconfigurable technologies for seamless integration of study data from multiple labs into a single feed. You can mirror output from mobile devices or laptops, for example, from any of our labs and export data to your in-house systems.

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